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Idler Pulley V Fits Husqvarna (Dia: 108mm H: 24mm Centre Hole: 9.5mm)

  • Part Number:
  • E7175


Husqvarna CT126, CT130, CT131, CT135, CT141, CT150, CT151, CT160, CTH126, CTH130, CTH135, CTH140 Twin, CTH140XP, CTH141, CTH150 Twin, CTH150XP, CTH151T, CTH151XP, CTH155, CTH160, CTH160 II, CTH170, CTH171, CTH172, CTH1736, CTH180 Twin, CTH180XP, CTH182T, CTH191, CTH192, CTH19530, CTH200, CTH200 Twin, CTH202T, CTH2036T, CTH2036 Twin, CTH2036XP, CTH2038, CTH210XP, CTH220 Twin, CTH222T, CTH2238TE, CTH2542T, CTH2542XP, CTH2642TE, D15KH30, GT200, LT126, LTH126, LTH19530, SRD17530 & YTH160. Jonsered ICT13, ICT14, ICT15, ICT15A, ICT16A, ICTH16, ICT17A, ICT18A, ICT19A, LT2113CM, LT2114CA, LT2114CM, LT2114CMA, LT2115CM, LT2115CMA, LT2116CMA2, LT2117CMA, LT2118CMA, LT2118CMA2, LT2119CMA, LT2120CMA2, LT2122CMA, LT2122CMA2, LT221CMA2, LT2213, LT2213A, LT2213C, LT2213CA, LT2216CM, LT2216CMA2, LT2217CMA2, LT2218CMA, LT2218CMA2, LT2220CMA2, LT2223CMA2 & LTH18. Partner P11577, P11577H, P11577HRB, P11577RB, P12592RB, P12597HRB, P12597RB, P13592HRB, P13592RB, P13597HRB, P13597RB, P135H92RB, P145107HRB, P155107HRB, P185107HRB, P18H107RB, P200107HRB & P20H107RBK. Poulan 12597RB, 4186-64, 4186-74, 9209A99, P012597RB, PO10530LT, PO12530LT, PXT12530, Q165H46A, Q185H46A, QGT2046A, QGT2046B, QP20H46A, QP20H46B, QPGT22H46A, QPGT22H46B, SGT18H46A, Y12592RBA, Y1292RBA, Y145H92RBA, Y145H92RBB, Y155H107RBA, Y1846A, YGT1846A, YGT1846B, YGT18H46A, YGT18H46B, YGT18H46C, YGT2046A, YGT2046B, YGT2046C, YGT2046D, YGT20D46A, YGTB18546A, YP1946A, YP1946B, YP1946C, YPQ185H46A, YPQ20H46A, YPQGT20H46A & YPQGT22H46A.

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