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KN95 Protective Face Mask (Non Medical)

  • Part Number:
  • Z8792

Suitable for adult protection, ideal for filtering bacteria, pollen, body fluids, formaldehyde & dust etc. These masks are ideal for daily use due to the 95%+ efficiency of the filtration media. The masks ergonomic shape allows it to create a tight seal with the face to ensure maximum protection while still making it comfortable to wear and easy to breathe.


Certification / Class (Standard) KN95 (GB2626-2006)
Filter performance – (must be = X% efficient) = 95%
Test Agent NaCl
Flow Rate 85L/min
Total Inward Leakage (TIL) - Tested on human
subjects performing exercises
= 8% leakage (arithmetic mean)
Inhalation resistance—max pressure drop = 350 Pa
Exhalation Resistance—max pressure drop = 250 Pa
Exhalation Valve Leakage requirement Depressurization to 0 Pa = 20 sec
Force Applied -1180 Pa
Co2 clearance requirement = 1%

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